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Can I place wholesale orders?

Yes. The sellers have the ability to allow you to either place and pay for your order online OR place and pay for your order offline.

Is it easy for me to find a certain category of products?

Yes. Shopping by category, by age group, by wholesale price, etc. is very easy on Toy Fair Everywhere.

Can I come back to an order I started at a later time?

Yes. The system creates an opportunity which can be finished at a later time within your account. Toy Fair Everywhere allows buyers to favorite items and even has the ability for buyers to create wishlists.

Is there a fee for buyers to use Toy Fair Everywhere?

No. There is no fee for buyers to use the platform.

Interested in joining Toy Fair Everywhere as an attendee?

If you are a pre-approved buyer with The Toy Association, an email was sent to you on February 13, 2021. If you did not receive an email on February 13, you can register now at the top of the page.
For other attendee types, you can pre-register at the same link. The website will be open to other attendee types in the near future. If you are looking for a status on your registration, please note it may not be immediately available. If you have any questions not related to a showroom, please feel free to contact