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Interested in marketing & sponsorships?

Toy Fair Tools Seller Spotlight Bundle | 3 Available per Newsletter

See your name in lights in Toy Fair Tools Buyer Edition, the bi-weekly newsletter that goes to more than 13,350 buyers all eager to do business on Toy Fair Everywhere. With this valuable bundle, you will be featured in our special Seller Spotlight section of the newsletter, your logo will be highlighted on the Toy Fair Everywhere landing page for 2 weeks and you will receive a Social Media post on the Toy Association’s LinkedIn page.

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Premium Banner Ad | 3 Available

Make a BIG first impression with the premium banner position on Toy Fair Everywhere. This full width image is the first things buyers see when they arrive at the site and is sure to bring attention and recognition to your brand. Three ads available on a rotating carousel. Exclusive available.

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Featured Brand or Product | 4 of Each Available

Welcome all attendees by showcasing your company logo or product on the buyer landing page of Toy Fair Everywhere. Logo links directly to your showroom and product image links directly to the product page both giving buyers an easy and direct way to find your company and your products.

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Banner Ad | 4 Available

Enhance your brand exposure with a Toy Fair Everywhere Banner Ad. Scattered throughout the buyer landing page, this custom banner offers you the opportunity to stand out and drive traffic to your showroom. Location of banner available on a first come, first serve basis.

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Brand Directory Banner Ad | 3 Available

Buyers are here to see your showroom so put it front and center on the Brand Directory page. Three ads available on a rotating carousel. Exclusive available. Banner ad will also appear on Toy Fair Everywhere Login screen and on Special Offers page.

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Product Category Sponsor | Exclusive per Category

Own your product category with a dynamic ad and draw buyers into your showroom. Your ad will appear in the Product Category hover menu, the Product Category landing page as well as all the sub-category landing pages.

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Category Market Event Exclusive Sponsorship

Be the exclusive sponsor of one of the upcoming Toy Fair Everywhere category market events and stand out as a leader on the platform. Exclusive sponsorship includes company logo on the Special Event Banner ad located at the top of the buyer landing page. Custom banner ad on Special Event Product Page that links directly to sponsor showroom. Feature in the Seller Spotlight section of Toy Fair Tools Buyer Edition deployed during the event. Two (2) social media posts on Toy Fair Everywhere and The Toy Association LinkedIn pages.

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Dedicated Buyer Email Blast | 1 per Month Available

Deliver new product information, promotions, invitations or other company news directly to the buyers you most want to engage. A custom email will be sent to all registered buyers on your behalf with links that go directly to your showroom.

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Toy Fair Everywhere LinkedIn Post | 3 per Week Available

Create brand buzz among Toy Fair Everywhere buyers with hyper-targeted posts on the Toy Fair Everywhere LinkedIn account.

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