How do I create and activate my account?

Don't have an account? Create one by going to the Toy Fair Everywhere landing page and clicking "Register Now ". Enter company type, enter info required and "Submit Request". Next, you'll receive an email prompting you to verify email. After clicking the "Verify Email" link, you will need to answer a series of questions regarding your company type. If you are granted access to the platform, you will receive a welcome email that provides the link to enter the site and set up your password. Once "Set Password" is clicked, you will need to set-up your password and confirm the password before you log in to the platform.

How do I reset my password?

If you've forgotten your password to your account and need to reset it, click "Sign In" from Toy Fair Everywhere landing page, and then click the "Reset Password" link on the login page. From there, you can enter in your email address and receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

How do I change my password?

Click on the "My Account" option from the navigation menu. Click "Change Password" tab, and follow the instructions on the screen. Be sure to click "SAVE" to save your settings.

How do I manage my email notifications?

Click on the "My Account" option from navigation menu. Click "Email Notifications" tab, and uncheck or check the notifications you want to receive. Be sure to click "SAVE" to save your settings. Additional Resource:
Change Your Email Notifications Settings

How do I add my company brochure?

Check Out: Add Brochures to Your Profile

How do I set up my calendar?

Open your notification area menu drop down and select 'My Meetings' option. This will redirect you to a calendar screen. By default, the current month will be displayed. Click on 'Calendar Settings' tab to set up your calendar preferences. First, if you would like to allow other companies to schedule appointment with you/your company, please be sure to check the checkbox for 'Allow other companies to schedule appointment with my company'.

Next, select your timezone from the options.
Then, select the meeting duration so your meetings will appear as per the duration you have set as a default.
Next, enter your meeting link which would be your preferred meeting tool such as Zoom, Google Meet, etc.
Then, be sure to set up your availability by entering the availability window for each day.
Lastly, remember to click "SAVE" to save all of your changes.

How do I schedule a meeting from my calendar?

Open calendar. By default, month view is displayed. Double click the date you would like to set up the meeting. This launches the "Add Event" pop-up. Fill in all fields with your infirmation and then click 'Add Invitee' to enter invitees. Start entering the name of the person you would like to send a meeting request to and suggestions (only from within the Toy Fair Everywhere domain) will pop-up. Currently, our system does not support outside contacts. Select the invitee(s) from the list and then be sure to click "SAVE" button in order for the invitation to be sent to the invitee(s). Please note you are able to add more than 1 invitee to the meeting by adding 1 at a time before saving.

How do I schedule a meeting while viewing a company profile?

While viewing another company profile, you may see a meeting icon (among other icons) posted at the top of the profile page. Click on the meeting icon and you will redirected 'Schedule Meeting' page. Enter the data, add guests (only from within the Toy Fair Everywhere domain are supported at this time), and then pick the time. Click "SCHEDULE MEETING" button & the invitation will be sent to the recipients.

How do I see my meeting notifications?

When you are logged in to the Toy Fair Everywhere site, you will observe a meeting/calendar icon on the top right hand side of the notification area. If you have any alerts related to scheduling, it will display an alert icon on calendar icon. When you hold your cursor over the icon, it will present a snapshot view. In the case of meeting invitations, you have the ability to accept or reject invitations from the snapshot view itself. Clicking on 'View All' link opens a detailed view of all of your meetings. Just like the snapshot view, you have the ability to accept or reject invitations from this view as well.


The following are questions related to your account.


The following questions are related to brochures.


The following questions are related to calendar and scheduling.


The following questions are related to connections.

How do I delete connections?

Click on 'My Network' (from the tab bar or the drop-down menu). The page with 'My Connections' view will open. Move the cursor over the top of the connection, you want to delete. Click delete icon on the top right hand side corresponding to the connection you would like to remove. "Confirm" lightbox will appear. Select "CONTINUE" to delete the connection. By clicking 'Continue' button the connection will be removed.

Who am I able to connect with on the platform?

Unlike other social media networks, connections are on a company level.

Let's say three users are a part of Company 1 - John Doe, Jane Doe, and Jerry Doe.

If you connect with Company 1, you'll automatically be connected to John, Jane, and Jerry.
If any of your coworkers connect with Company 1, each will be automatically connected (since you have already connected with Company 1).

How do I add a company as a connection? (INCOMPLETE)

By visiting a company's profile, you'll be able to click the "Connect" icon to send a connection request. You are able to add a personal message (the entire field is able to edited before sending) and you are able to send to specific contacts within the company (all will be pre-populated in the drop-down menu).
After sending the request, the "Connect" icon will then change to "Pending". If you are a buyer, you can also connect to the seller company on the "Shop page if you're viewing all brands. Each of the panels will have a brand on it and the connection icon will indicate whether the brand is connected to you or not. If highlighted, the brand is connected and if not, you can click on it and start the connection process.
While viewing products, if you are not connected, hovering over the product will prompt you to connect to view the price. If the price is already visible, you need to be connected to add the product to your cart.

How do I accept or reject a connection? (INCOMPLETE)

When you receive a connection request, you'll see a notification on the top right. You'll see connection requests under notifications.
You can accept the connection request by selecting 'Accept' and reject the request by selecting 'Not Now' with an option from the three choices provided. Choices for 'Not Now' option are as follows: Not a business, Not enough info or Do not send a reply.

How can I see who I’m connected with? (INCOMPLETE)


Companies, not strictly falling under an seller or buyer category, who may provide services for either exhibitors or buyers.

Who is a trade guest?

Trade Guest is a new user type on the Toy Fair Everywhere platform. By definition, Trade Guest provides a service for the buyer or seller.

Currently, Toy Fair Everywhere admin will create a company, from admin panel as a 'Trade Guest' and mark it as either servicing the buyers or sellers. Once the company is created, a mail is sent to the primary contact with the info.

A Trade Guest will initially have limited functionality but we will build on the capabilities in near future, matching those enjoyed by a seller profile.

How can buyers & sellers view prospective Trade Guests?

Buyers & Sellers can open the 'Trade Guest' tab to view their services provided. They will be able to connect with any of the Trade Guests and message them via the active functionalities provided by the platform.


Wizard encouraging domain users to enter values for profile fields.


The following are questions related to your profile.

Why do I have a user profile and a company profile?

Because your company may have multiple user accounts per subscription, each user is able to create his or her individualized profile.

Let's say you're part of Acme Corporation, which has joined the digital community as a seller. Acme Corporation has five different members who all want to join the show's digital community. Each user can create their own accounts, but are all associated with Acme Corporation.

In addition to their own individual user accounts, all five users can manage the company's profile with joint control.


This section explains how an admin assigns roles for each company contact.


The following are questions related to your social settings.

How do I post on the social feed?

This is how to share a post:
Share a Post on Toy Fair Everywhere
Additional Resource:

How do I set an audience on the social feed?

At the bottom of the social post text box, you'll see a couple options under "Share with". You have the option to set your audience.
Public: Viewable by all Community: Viewable by any member of the Toy Fair Everywhere domain

Connections: Viewable by only your connections

An important feature for Exhibitors has been added. They are able to tick a box which allows them to post to all OR to buyers only.

How do I delete a post on the social feed?

To delete a post on the social feed, hover over the icon on the top right of another company or user's post and select "Delete Activity." Select "Continue" to delete the post.


This section touches on questions related to messaging.


This section explains how to add coworkers as contacts.

How can I add a co-worker as a contact?

Here is how to add a user:
Add a User to Your Company

Additional Resource:

How do I set up my user profile?

Learn how to set up your user profile here.
Setting Up Your User Profile



The following are questions related to getting your seller account started.

STEP 1: Complete Company Profile

Additional Resource:
Setting Up Your Company Profile (Overview)

Once your account is activated, your company is visible in the buyer-facing "brand directory" with a default logo. Your company can be searched and viewed by buyers, so complete the profile as soon as you join the platform. To edit your profile, go to "Company Profile" from the top navigation menu, then click on the "Edit" button. Pay attention to the following 3 key elements:

Company Logo and Cover Image
Your logo and profile image should be of high quality, and should never be left empty. You can choose the cover image creatively to reflect your brand, products or special events etc. Note that the minimum dimension for the logo is 200x200, and 2000x270 for the cover image, so select your images accordingly.

Additional Resources:
Add Company Logo to Your Profile
Add Cover Banner to Your Profile

Company Description
It is important to provide information you want new buyers to know about your company in the Company Description. Leaving this area empty will hurt the credibility of your company, and risk potential buyers to bounce away from your profile. A carefully crafted, keyword optimized description will also enhance your ranking when buyers perform keyword search on brands.

Additional Resource:
Add Company Video to Profile

List the key contacts for your company with their roles so potential buyers know who to reach out to for inquiries. The first user of a company is automatically listed as a contact. Make sure to add all representatives from your marketing and sales teams. Step-by-step instructions:
Go to company profile > Go to edit mode by clicking EDIT button > scroll towards the bottom of the page > Contacts section.
Here the existing contacts will be displayed.
If you want to remove any contacts, click 'Remove' link against the name & proceed. Click 'Save' button to save the changes.
To add new contacts, click ADD CONTACT button and proceed to enter info and click SAVE button to save.
To add your social media link, move company profile to edit mode > enter social media links in the 'Links' section. Don't forget to click "SAVE". Upload Brochures:

You can upload brochures by clicking on the link and when the pop-up appears select radio button based on whether you want to upload PDF files (up to 3) or URL (1 link). It is required to upload a cover image as well as enter the name of the brochure. Additional Resource:
Add Brochures to Your Profile

Click SAVE button to save the info. Viewers will see the brochures when they visit your profile & be able to download.

STEP 2: Publish Showroom

Your company won't have a presence on Toy Fair Everywhere without a showroom. Showroom management is packed with features tailored for wholesale commerce, and yet very user-friendly.

To start setting up your showroom, please be sure to review and understand the following including the 2 options of uploading your products.
Upload Products

1. Learn how to Add Products to Your Showroom (Bulk Product Upload)

Bulk Product Template - Use this one if bulk uploading your products.

Example Template
- Do not upload this one. It is only to use as an example.

2. Learn how to Add Products to Your Showroom (Individually)

Adding a single product works well when you have a small number of products or you just want to quickly try out the features. If you have a catalog-full of products, we highly recommend that you master the bulk upload process which will make the task so much faster and easier. On the "Showroom → Products" page, click on the "Import Products" button, and follow the steps and instructions (including downloadable user guides) on that page. Edit Showroom Settings
Showroom settings contain various settings related to your wholesale terms and policy, product Q&A, shipping rates & currency set up. Edit Privacy Settings
If your company has specific policy about the audience for your products and/or pricing, you should review and edit the settings under "Showroom → Privacy Settings". Toy Fair Everywhere provide suppliers fine-grained control over who can view what aspects of their showrooms. Product and pricing visibility can be adjusted. The audience can be set as Public, Community, or Connections Only.

Additional Resource: Change the Showroom's Privacy Settings

Publish Showroom
As long as one product in your showroom is published, your showroom is visible on Toy Fair Everywhere, and is linked on your "Company Profile" page. You can individually publish product by checking "Publish on Save" on the "Add Product" page, checking "Publish on Import" on the "Import" page, or select multiple products on "Showroom → Products" and select "Publish" from the "More Actions" drop-down menu.

STEP 3: Invite Customers

Once your showroom is published, add or import all your existing customers and invite them to view your showroom. This allows you to gain immediate audience and start getting inquiries or even orders right away. Note that your customer does not have to have an account on the platform in order to access your showroom! To start on this, go to "Customers" from the top navigation menu, and click on Add or Import.

After your customers are added, you can initiate connections to customers already on the platform. This sets up your B2B network that is the foundation of success on Toy Fair Everywhere. A growing buyer network means expanded exposures, more leads, and more sales down the road!

How can I set up widgets on my company profile?

Additional Resource:
Add Widgets to Your Profile

This feature is available to seller accounts to enhance their company profile with widgets. Currently, only image widget type is available but we have plans to add more widget types later on. Seller account type can go to their company profile & click EDIT button. While on edit mode > scroll down to SET UP WIDGETS section (under Media section).

Click on SETUP WIDGETS link. This should display a pop-up which warns you to save changes you might have made before proceeding.

Click CONTINUE button to proceed. You will land on add widgets screen.

If you have existing widgets it will be listed here. To add new widget, click ADD WIDGET button.

Add widget screen displays a pre-selected widget type - Image widget fixed. You can enter the title which is an optional field.

Now select radio button based on how many images you want to upload on the image widget. Options are from 1 to 4.

Now click on 'edit' link. This opens a an image upload pop-up.

Click UPLOAD IMAGE button.Select the image to upload. Use the cropper to focus on the area you want to crop. Cropper can be stretched to cover more area of the image. Please note that cropper cannot be stretched beyond the platform specified dimensions.

After placing the cropper on the focussed area of the image, click CROP button. It displays the transient message ‘Cropping & Processing…’

Once cropping is complete , button changes to SAVE. Click Save button.
At this point, you are redirected to widget set up screen. You can see image is uploaded. Now enter a URL in the ‘link’ field if you want to make the image linkable(that is if you want viewers to click on the image & be redirected elsewhere).

Format for URL should be > ex:

After data is entered click SAVE. You are back on widgets list page. The newly created widget will have ‘new’ tag.

Click PREVIEW button if you want to preview before publishing. Click PUBLISH to publish the widgets. You will see the widget on your company profile.

Image widget with 2 images:

Image widget with 3 widgets:

Image widget with 4 images:


The following are questions related to products.


The following are questions related to setting up widgets on company profile.

How can a seller add more images to products that are in showroom?

To add more images to an individual product, Go to showroom > Open the product in edit mode & go to the second page where the images are displayed. The existing images are displayed here.

Drag & drop additional images. If you want a certain image to be the primary image for the product, drag & drop it as the first image. Save & Publish. Preview Showroom > Preview the product & you will see all the images with primary image displayed as the main one.

Bulk Import of products to replace the image:

From showroom page > Click import products. Drag & drop all the images that you want to attach to the product. Save & Continue. Download the template. Template will have all the image files you had attached in the previous step. Fill up data. Image 1 will be the primary image. Save the file. Import the file.

How can a seller replace an existing product image?

To change the product image for an individual product, go to showroom > open the product in edit mode.
Go to the second page that has the existing image/images.

Click on the delete icon 'X' that is next to the top right side of the image. Now drag & drop the image that you want to upload. Click Save > Publish.

Replace product image via file import:

Go to Showroom > select the page where the product is displayed in the list > Select the product(s) checkbox > Select 'Export as csv' from 'Bulk Actions' options. This will result in downloading a csv file.

From the images column > remove the image file you want to replace. Save the file.

From Showroom page > select 'Import Products' button. This will display the import products screen. Drag & drop the image you want to upload. Save & continue. Download the template > Template will have the image file you had added in the previous step.

Now copy the data from the exported csv file to the template. Save the template. Import the file.

How can I change the product display order on showroom?

This is how you change the product display order:
Change the Product Display Order

Additional Resource:


The following are questions related to your brand.

How do I add a brand?

Learn how to add a brand here:
Add Brands to Your Showroom

Additional Resource:


The following are questions related to collections.

How do I add a collection?

This is how you add a collection:
Add Collections to Your Showroom

Additional Resource:


Create web pages dynamically using lifestyle images & links.

How do I change the image display order within a LookBook?

This is how to change the image display order within a LookBook.

How do I change the display order of my LookBooks?

This is how you change the display order of your LookBooks.


This is a quick and easy way for sellers to send showroom link to leads & non-members from Leads list page.

How do I send showroom link to leads from leads list page? (INCOMPLETE)

How do I add non-members to the mailing list & convert them to leads while sending showroom link? (INCOMPLETE)

How do I (a seller) send out showroom link from Leads detail screen? (INCOMPLETE)

How do I (a seller) send out showroom link from showroom? (INCOMPLETE)


This section answers questions regarding privacy.


This section answers questions on SalesMatch™.

How do I set up the SalesMatch tool to generate leads?

Here is how to set up your SalesMatch tool in order to help you generate leads: Set Up TFE SalesMatch


This section answers questions about leads.


This section answers questions about analytics.

How do I view my exhibitor analytics?

How to View Your TFE Analytics

How do I track the performance of a single product? (INCOMPLETE)


The following are questions related to exporting products, collections and brands.


The following are questions related to order settings and payment settings.


The following are questions related to orders.

What's an opportunity? (INCOMPLETE)


The following are questions related to exporting orders.


The following are questions related to modifying orders and opportunities.

My customer submitted an order. I don’t want to go through with it. How do I revert the order?

My customer created an opportunity. I don’t have an item in stock. How do I change quantities or remove the item?


Videos & images that are uploaded with products.

When do I see a payments feature ?

Sellers on the domain will see the feature under 'Orders' > 'Payment Settings' tab. There will be 2 tabs under 'Payment Settings' - 'Payment Terms & Methods' and 'Payment Gateway'.


This section shows you how to add specials to your profile.

How do I add special offers to my profile?

Here is the way to add specials to your profile.


This section details how to add a web conference link to your profile.

How do I add a web conference link to my profile?

Here is the way to add a web conference link to your profile.

Some examples would be GoToMeeting,, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.


This section will teach you how to add spacing to your profile and product descriptions.

How do I add spacing to my profile and product descriptions?

This is how you add spacing to your profile and product descriptions.

How do I add custom product fields?

This is how to add custom product fields.


These are the most frequently asked questions by sellers.

Before I get started, what are the most frequently asked questions?

These essential topics cover the most frequently asked questions by sellers.



This section explains how to select a payment method.

How will I (as a buyer) select payment method ?

When you (a buyer) tries to place an order on a payments enabled seller company, order page will allow selection of payment method. The options available, are based on the seller company setup. When the payment method is selected, the related payment term will display. You, the buyer, will not be able to make the payment term selection. Payment term selection is predicated on the payment method selection. If you, the buyer, selects a method that has gateway integration, a credit card entry area will display. You, the buyer, will be able to enter related info and go ahead with placing an order.

When do I see a payments feature ?

Buyers will see the payment feature when placing an order with any seller company, with payments enabled. While placing the order, they will be be able to choose a payment method and continue.


This section will answer questions about commerce.

How do I find products by a specific brand?

There are a couple of different ways to find products by a specific brand.

Using the Brand Directory

All buyers will see a tab 'Brands', which when selected display the brand directory. Here all the brands of the domain are listed. There are 2 views (list & grid ). By default list view is displayed with all the profile fields set up domain admin. Opening one of the brand, will open the company profile of the brand which gives the buyers info about that company and also links to showroom, LookBooks etc.

Using the Categories Tab

Another approach is from Categories tab. Select 'Shop All' and get redirected to shop products page.

Shop All Products
By choosing the link within the categories section, this screen has a filter on the left hand side called 'Brands'. By default, it will be collapsed. Expand it and the all the brands are displayed.

You can select one or more brands and the products belonging to those brands will be displayed.

Clicking on 'Shop Brands' button redirects to Shop Brands page. This page lists all brands on the domain.

Using Search

You can also search for a specific brand. Keep in mind that if you search for something while not in the brand directory, you'll receive product search results first. Global search box has scope selectors to have a narrowed search.

Select Brands from the list and enter text. Suggestions will show up. Click on Search icon and all possible matches will display.


This section explains how to organize the products you are interested in purchasing.